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What makes our pizzas so scrumptious?


The Pizza Dough

Our pizza dough is made with premium flour, yeast and a drizzle of olive oil. We leave it to cold prove slowly to maximise the flavour. We then toss the dough to give it a better crust, and dust it in semolina to give our pizza its authentic taste and texture. 



The Sauce


A simple blend of italian tomatoes and a sprinkle of sea salt...what more do you need? Fresh and delicious.


Local Produce
Wherever possible we source our ingredients locally in Norfolk. Our bacon comes from our village butcher and our vegetables and tomatoes come from a small supplier not 10 miles from us, thats if we haven't grown them in our polytunnel or vegetable plot ourselves.

The Wood Fired Pizza Oven

We use logs from the Royal Sandringham Estate sawmill in our wood fired pizza oven, a mix of oak,ash and birch. If they're good enough for the queen, they're good enough for us! The smokey flavour gives you something totally different to the usual high street pizza.
The Chef

With twenty years of experience under his belt working on the mediterranean coast of Spain and in the UK in award winning restaurants, five star hotels and michelin star restaurants, Dominic appreciates quality ingredients prepared and cooked to perfection.




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